I have a number of ‘goals’, objectives or whatever you’d like to call them. Some will be quicker to achieve than others.

Main goal is to lose the weight, but it’s the journey that’s important.  There will be no beating myself up if I’m looking after myself on the way but don’t reach all my goals.

  • Lose 4st 9lb
  • Meditate daily (even if 5 mins – but ideally half an hour)
  • Fit into my wardrobe of clothes (4 sizes to drop)
  • Be able to paint my toes and reach my heels without struggling to breathe
  • Be able to get into Rabbit pose and breathe with my forehead against my knees
  • Be able to reach my feet to get into Bow pose
  • Go to Bikram frequently enough to get my butt on the floor for Fixed Firm post
  • Blog regularly as a creative outlet, and to maintain focus on wellness, to embed the ideas as a natural thought process
  • Very slowly get back to running – a 5k by summer, 10k by end of year (assuming hip OK to do so)
  • Sort hip and shoulder pain out through chiropractor
  • Get into a better financial position
  • Mentally, be on an even keel
  • Read at least one book a month

I want to feel STRONG again!

And finally … find a focus outside of work, something to engage in other than just coming back to the flat and turning on the telly. Currently a toss up between a pub job, dog walking, volunteering …