So here we are. Again. I confess – 14st 9lb in my clothed but shoeless 5″4′ state, just after Christmas.   Figured I’d give myself an almighty fright … how right I was!  Like many others, life happens and here we are. I should be around 10 stone.

I have been here three times in the past (well OK not quite here, this is by far the heaviest I’ve ever been, by a stone and half); three times I’ve lost weight through Weight Watchers.  It does work, but everyone knows that long term is a different story. I succeeded for a while but I hadn’t really succeeded in holistic change. All the old habits come back once I stopped counting every Point, and gave myself a break!

Then life happened. Divorce, change of routine, living alone and trying to cope with just being myself.  As an introverted extrovert, it’s been too easy to pass Tesco on the path back to the car after work and fill a bag with chocolate crispies, fresh cookies, Chinese nibbles – basically anything that constitutes a ‘treat’ to make me feel better.  Now I’m feeling OK, but still bingeing most nights out of habit, which is proving spectacularly hard to break.  I take anti-depressants that help with PMT at least, but not this it seems.

I also used to run – the ‘slowest elephant through peanut butter’ type runner, but I ran, and it made me feel really good.  Unfortunately I had a bad injury when I was little which, combined with additional weight, put paid to my runs. So I quit doing anything much, other than walking a bit.

In summary, I’m a 65lb overweight, divorced, lazy-arsed binge eater who is addicted to sugar, and has no ‘off’ switch with alcohol. I’m in a new-ish city, with few local friends and no diversions to speak of outside of work.  Not a great start, is it?

So what now?  I am a much stronger person than I once was, and it’s time to prove it.

I confess, I will start with Weight Watchers again as I need some structure (and a kick up the butt), but I have other ideas in my arsenal this time!  My support network is brilliant, but to be fair, I don’t want to bore them to death on this subject … hence the blog.

  • Weight Watchers online – will probably gravitate to the Lifesum app eventually
  • Reduced sugar.  I won’t say ‘no’ sugar, as this is impossible, and I want to be sensible about this – no fanaticism here
  • Reduced alcohol – special occasions only
  • More water
  • Reduced white carbs
  • A ‘Dailygreatness Wellness Journal: A Holistic Guide for Health, Wellness & Vitality’ (http://bit.ly/2i8KEd9)
  • FitBit Blaze
  • PUT DOWN THE TABLET (endless games, round and round) and turn off the telly
  • Read more – I love reading, but somehow never do it
  • Avoid spending money like water as another form of mindless ‘treat’
  • A pair of bluetooth earphones for walking with, and loads of audiobooks
  • A fantastic hot yoga studio, with a truly supportive community spirit
  • YOU app, where I’ve discovered mindfulness, gratitude and friendship
  • Daily meditation (Insight Timer app)
  • Truly awesome friends – a couple local, but many others via Facebook, great colleagues and an amazing mum!

So there you have it. I’m going to spend this year kicking myself (kindly) up the butt, and rejoin the human race. And I’m going to hold myself accountable by taking photographs and writing to whoever’s out in the ether …