Well it WAS going well!

Everything is awesomely positive right now – I’m in a great place, and couldn’t be happier.  Well maybe, but for now I’m settling for this image of perfection. I have no need of anything else.

So … why should I be sitting here, feeling rubbish after three days of eating crap?  I haven’t cycled to work this week (LOVING that by the way), I’ve had takeaway, cookies, sugar binges, you name it.

My guess is that favourite of ‘excuses’ … PMT.  Bless its cotton socks.

It does seem a little unfair that it affects me in this way, but I think the best thing I can do is to journal and spot it coming.  Not helped by the likes of Deliveroo or HungryHouse, which are so mind-bendingly easy to order takeaway delivery from at the touch of a Paypal button.  If you told me I had to go and collect it’s highly likely that I couldn’t be bothered because that’s not really what I want.

When it’s upon me and logic has no impact whatsoever, I’ve decided that a list of distractions would be useful.  If you have any suggestions to add, please let me know!

  • Turn off the telly and read
  • Go for a walk/gym
  • Do something creative – draw, tapestry, Sudoku
  • Phone a friend (I never do this – I always assume people are busy)
  • Go out and visit friend/family
  • Go to bed and watch a film
  • Put on some funky music and get the hoover out (things seem better when my environment is clean and vaguely tidy)
  • Write!


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