A fresh, positive start

Wow, it really has been ages!  And how things have changed.  Since I last posted, there have been so many changes that I could say my life has turned upside down – in the best of ways.

Firstly with mum on the brink of selling her house, I decided that it was time for me to think about the next stage in my life.  Due to circumstances I shan’t go into (to protect those who shall remain nameless – and my own lack of foresight with money), and like so many others these days, I was reliant on my wonderful parents in helping me to get on the property ladder. My lovely mum had very generously offered to gift me funds for a deposit, following the sale of her house.  I was in no hurry, so it came as a great surprise when the first ‘idle interest’ viewing day we had resulted in the perfect house. I made an offer, and it was accepted … crikey!  Particularly a crikey moment as mum hadn’t finalised her sale!

The next change came when talking to an old family friend, when I said that I could finally have cats – most likely rescue cats, and two so they have company – she lit up in surprise, and (to cut a long story short) through the power of Facebook, I had a date to collect two mogs from Gloucester!  Before moving out of a flat that didn’t allow animals …

Jump forward six weeks or so – we moved in with mum, into her new house (finally got there!) for ten days before we three moved to our very own piece of ‘almost’ heaven.  They look quite happy, don’t you think?


Having moved, some interesting things have happened.

I’m really happy.  And as a result, stress and anxiety levels have dropped. The pace of life is totally different as I’m no longer in a city, nor in a flat where I have nowhere to go except shops. I have a garden, cats to keep me company, and I’m a stroll’s distance from the sea. Wonderful. It’s such a lovely place, with kind, thoughtful neighbours (if you’re reading this, I don’t mean it at all) – a peaceful haven.

It’s easier to be healthy. I’m only 4 miles from work, so I’m cycling – it’s flat, and half of the ride is an old railway track, but the whole journey is cycle route.  Even for a slightly clumsy, bruise-prone person like me, it’s a safe and pleasant ride. All very good for me – mentally, physically and financially!

It’s cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, running a house is more expensive than a flat, but I haven’t found that I’m shopping to fill a gap so much.  I have been buying a few things for the house, but it’s not the same. I think because I’m also really aware that this house is mine – I can’t afford to feck it up and get into debt. It really, really matters.

As it really does matter so much, I’ve taken out critical illness cover.  My broker found me a policy with Aviva that suits me absolutely perfectly – it’s based on giving benefits based on my demonstrating that I’m being healthy, through earning points.  How sensible is that?  One benefit being very cheap Weight Watchers membership with points given for attending meetings and meeting (sensible) targets.  Another being a new Apple watch to track activity, costing not much – and if you earn the required number of points each month, over the next two years nothing more has to be paid back. Nice! I can also earn points through dental and medical check-ups, etc. etc.  Free cinema tickets, Starbucks, bicycle discounts … all sorts.  And for the techy-activity tracking geek that I am, it’s awesome!

The final icing on the cake is that I have found that I just don’t think about my ex.  I’m finally there – that hardest period of my life is over.  The healing graph is done.



Blah blah … The point of all this is that with all these changes, it’s a real new start.  And as a result, I’ve decided to rename my blog, and change my challenge (sort of) – it’s still a year of wellness, but now it’s about getting healthy.  I have a number of occasions and targets between now and then, but I will be 45 in February, and I want to be fit and fabulous!  Clearly I’m already fabulous, but I have a little way to go before I’m fit 😉

I’m going to use my cats as inspiration. They are like chalk and cheese.  Wonder if you can tell which I liken myself to the most at present?

Sapphie – bless her, she’s gorgeous, but appears to be a cross between a Labrador and a sea lion.  Hobbies include sleeping, purring, snoring and shoving Eva out of the way of her food, given half a chance. She doesn’t pester me for food, just will eat anything that’s there – and everyone else’s too

Eva – a nervy, but beautiful, slinky and silky cat who knows her own mind, and likes to play. She’ll have a little food unless she’s really hungry, and come back a few minutes later once she’s had a chance to let it settle. I have to put a bowl over her food to prevent Sapph from gulping it down.


So if I get tempted by treats, I shall have a look at these two!  Naturally I won’t deprive myself, but if it’s just because I’m bored, I’ll go and sniff the sea instead.

I’ve already made a good start – I re-joined Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago, and it’s going in the right direction!


My plan now is to be naturally active, top it up when I’m at a loose end, and enjoy life to the full by spending time with my two mogs, friends, family and colleagues.  I’ll be writing as I go.  I’ve set up a separate blog for creative writing, which I might share if I’m feeling brave enough.  It seems odd that I’m OK with sharing my personal wellbeing issues, but not my writing! But perhaps that’s a more personal view of the psyche … watch this space …


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