Well, that was a really good start.

Not. Clearly. I am going to be honest about how I’m doing or there’s not much point in terms of my own recovery.

I just couldn’t do it, could I? It had to be a takeaway. And because it’s not a restaurant I know I couldn’t decide and had to order a shedload of stuff. 

And of course, I ate the lot. Every last scrap. I’m so full I could burst, and my wallet has taken a battering. I will now spend the next two days feeling rubbish and my poor body will be desperately trying to recover.  Totally ridiculous. 

So why?  What is it that makes me do this?  Was I hungry?  No. Was I craving Chinese food?  No. Was I entertained?  Well, yes – telly’s on.

I truly do not understand why my head just careers ahead without allowing me to divert it. I could have tried a diversionary tactic but my head had already decided that food was happening. 

I need this to stop now …

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