Flapjacks and tigers and bears, oh my.

Hmmmm. Struggling today.

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately with my back/ neck/ right shoulder after managing to rotate bits of my spine (Lord only knows how) and cause immense pain in an old whiplash injury. So far, so bad. But mending.

I stopped on my way into work yesterday and pinged a text to my boss … “Just popping for tiger balm. Grrr”. Unfortunately it seems he has never heard of Tiger Balm, which would explain the odd look I got. Still, I had Lovely mentholated muscle relief … I got an even odder look about half an hour later when I talked to him and somehow trapped a nerve in the other side of my neck. I spent the rest of the day with a permanent quizzical look on my face (head bowed and tilted to one side). Added to which I couldn’t see through my glasses so had a piece of chewing gum to raise them slightly. Classy. Ingenious, but also very classy. I may cultivate the look – I certainly got a few comments (mostly “there’s something different about you …”).

So – today at home playing with gummy bears (thats Candy Crush to the unititiated) and watching telly while looking quizzically at it. Given my food choices so far I’m surprised it wasn’t looking quizzically back at me!

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a bit crap. So naturally I make myself feel less than awesome by feeding myself curious food. Graze flapjack for breakfast (how this is marketed as healthy I’ll never know, but I’m prepared to go with it), 3 slices of dry ham (fussy – has to be dry or no cold meat) and a multipack bag of popcorn. Yep. Also classy.

Tonight should be baked potato and beans, but I can feel my resolve weaken by the second. I deserve a treat, right? Why do we ‘treat’ ourselves with food? I suppose because it wasn’t ever an option before and now it is? Still, I can always go healthy with an Indian. Nothing off limits entirely or I’ll crave and go bananas. Well except them, I’d happily go without bananas actually – they’re just repackaged baby food in my book.

NB treats are fine – just not when you have a faulty off switch like me …

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