Day #4 attempts derailment

Today had an interesting start.

I woke up really stressed having had a really complicated bad dream. I’d been doing battle with my bicycle as I had a puncture, and my chain had come off.  The chain appeared to be very slender, silver and far FAR too thin for a bike, but that wasn’t deterring me – I was getting really upset with it and failing comprehensively to keep it together.

[Aside, this is what I was like when I had my third puncture in half an hour during a 70 km bike ride two years ago – hence I no longer actually have a bicycle]

I digress. I believe I was at my mother’s house, although I wasn’t paying enough attention to anything other than my bike to notice.  There was a handy looking chap standing about, whose trousers looked loyal, so I figured I’d shout at him to “Effing help me!” – unimpressed he tried to help while I cursed … Really very upset at this point I realised that actually the house had been stripped of all furnishings and indeed any other belongings on the ground floor. Burglars! Going upstairs, my brother’s room was raided (left 25 yrs ago so he probably doesn’t need much to be fair), and mum’s had been ransacked.  Mine, however was entirely as it had been left. At that point I realised that the ‘burglar’ who had been trying to sort my bicycle had long since vanished with my bicycle. Understandably, I woke up at some unsociable hour fretting a bit and wondering what mum would say.

Fortunately I’m very good at going back to sleep. Unfortunately I’m very bad at picking up my tablet and playing games.

My alarms went off (I have three, I need them daily) – and despite going to bed early after a visit to the chiropractor, I hauled myself out of bed for a shower. I have no clue how, but somehow after getting up, dressed, realising that I’d completely and utterly failed to prep a sandwich for lunch, throwing some healthy nibbles in a bag, getting my yoga gear together, picking up my notebook … I was late getting to the door AGAIN.  This happens regularly, and I’m usually at a loss to explain where the time has gone.

I hurtle towards the outside flat complex door, just at exactly the same time as the cleaner.  Giving each other the fright of our lives (well OK, maybe not that long), I promptly dropped everything.  Head to car, send text to colleague … late again …

On way to work, I start sneezing.  Unfortunately for me, the ‘tweak’ I’ve done to my back means that whenever I sneeze it hurts like a b*stard. Cue pulling over to hard shoulder to stop sneezing and recover my composure! And lots of huffing.

It would be no surprise, I suppose, to say that after my usual 15 min walk from the carpark to work I wasn’t exactly brimming with enthusiasm for the day.  Day two of work and I had failed to make my breakfast and my lunch. BUT – I did pick up tomatoes, carrots and seeds, and a bottle of fizzy water with some fresh lime juice. And I got my yoga gear. So that’s a rare win.

And I got a very brief workout opening the door this morning – picture is of the Blaze capture of my heartrate at the time of giving ourselves a fright!!

Rightyho – yoga tonight, and one of my lovely colleagues has just given me a tutorial on the basics of WordPress so we now have pics!

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