Day #2 in the big brother house

A bit of an odd day, as Bank Holidays usually are. No breakfast, up late and wasn’t hungry – still digesting the overload of Christmas food I think!  Quick coffee … while surfing Facebook and playing rounds of Candy Crush. No surprise then that I didn’t get up for 3 hours 😑 I’m currently wearing down the power on my tablet so it’s not so tempting to pick up, and will put it away. Honest guv.

Visited an old friend, and it would have been rude to turn down a biscuit (honest!) so I fell for a Tunnocks wafer – haven’t had one of them for yonks! Back home and decided that as the flat was cold I’d go for a walk to was myself up, and listen to some more of my murder mystery audiobook. By which time I was ravenous. Not really a clever day, it’s true, but I did redeem myself on the way home by stopping into M&S for a thoroughly healthy bagful! Feeling pretty darn virtuous … just got to use it now!

I also took some venison casserole out of the freezer yesterday so I’ve had a good dinner before heading off to yoga. It’ll be the first time to Bikram in a while, so it’ll probably hurt 😮🙄

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