Bikram diagnostic #1

As predicted, the first visit to the yoga studio in a while was fairly tough. The class was great, but due to my litany of issues (mostly self-inflicted) it wasn’t my best performance.  Good thing it’s ‘practice’ not ‘perfect’! And it still feels amazing afterwards, regardless.

I know for sure that a good deal of progress can be made with consistent attendance at classes, and also that weight loss makes a bit difference to what I can do.  I’m already hampered by a dodgy hip so why make it so much harder on myself? Currently my butt is so huge it’s like a lilo to lie on, and affects the curvature of my spine … Marvellous. I’m certain as well that my hip would improve if I lost some weight as it wouldn’t be under so much strain all the time.

So – this is a ‘fresh start check in’, with a view to a further progress report in 6 weeks or so. It’s fair to say that I would expect significant change in some areas.

  1. Standing Deep Breathing – stiff back, but generally OK. Biggest issue here is that I can’t get my feet together because my thighs are so thick
  2. Half Moon – stiff, can’t stretch too far because of my current shoulder/back issue. Again, can’t get feet together. Biggest issue really is the forward fold – can’t reach my heels, and back is too sensitive to really reach
  3. Awkward – holy cow my arms are weak! Just generally not good, but this is weakness rather than anything else. Third part is poor due to fat thighs – just can’t squat down towards the floor without tight thighs/calves.
  4. Eagle – haha.  Yeah, trying to tie my thighs in knots right now is an impossibility, and it’s proving tough to get my arms to cross over
  5. Standing Head to Knee – this is tough anyway, as I simply can’t take the weight on my hip standing on the left leg, and standing on the right means supporting the left when raised … also pain. However – currently also can’t bend forward due to sore back
  6. Standing Bow – can do this a little, but have to throw my foot up to get anywhere near holding it. Also sore back …
  7. Balancing Stick – this one is mainly rubbish balance, which is just practice
  8. Standing Separate Leg Stretch – can reach my big toes, but hard to stretch further. I know I can reach the sides of my feet at least with regular practice
  9. Triangle – this is a toughie.  Not helped by weak arms, and I lose the blood from my hands in this one anyway. Found it especially tough today just through weakness. Hip isn’t good, but actually this pose is almost easier than a lot of others as the weight isn’t primarily on the hip
  10. Standing Separate Head to Knee – nope. Just can’t get my head to my knee cos there’s too much belly. Can’t breathe – also back too sore to really stretch into it
  11. Tree post – didn’t try this as I knew that today my hip just wouldn’t have it
  12. Toe stand – as above, but you’re having a laugh if you think this one’s happening just now!
  13. Dead Body – no doubt everyone’s favourite, but right now I can’t lie down flat. My lower back just screams at me. It was a bit better after some of the back stretches, but even so … I think just the extra weight and no practice did for me
  14. Wind Removing – always a bit sensitive on the left, but the biggest problem was actually being able to clasp my hands today – with both legs, I only managed to grab my fingers
  15. Sit Up – didn’t risk it in case it made my back worse
  16. Cobra – a good stretch, but usually better
  17. Locust – big ole nope. Gave it a try but couldn’t get anywhere near the usual couple of inches even
  18. Full Locust – back rather sensitive, avoided raising my arms too high
  19. Bow – cannot reach my feet …
  20. Fixed Firm – problem here is not so much that my bum won’t meet the floor, it’s more that my calves and thighs are so fat that it doesn’t stand even a remote chance of trying
  21. Half Tortoise – usually my favourite pose, could go down into it because of my shoulder. Felt good, but couldn’t stretch into it properly, and no way was my bottom getting near my heels
  22. Camel – took this one gently, but was OK. Can’t go back, certainly can’t reach for my heels right now
  23. Rabbit – I struggle with this one due to short arms anyway, but currently I can’t get my head anywhere near the floor, let alone my knees.  My back was too sore to curl round, but even if it weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to grab my heels and breathe.  It’s either/or in this one!
  24. Head to Knee stretch – poor mobility due to back. Usually can do OK with right leg but have difficulty getting hold of left foot
  25. Spine-Twist – ouch. Can’t cross my legs over due to the extra weight, couldn’t twist because of my back
  26. Final breathing – had to sit cross-legged as too painful to sit on thighs.


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